Monday, October 3, 2011

My Toning Journey Starts.... TODAY!

Today is the day! I am going to start working on my fitness in a whole new way. I have been going up and down with these last few pounds. I range from 8lbs to 3lbs from goal and now I'm ready to really kick it up and be done with this. I am going to start doing the ab exercises from this Pilates video that I got from my mom. There are 3 ab sessions, the 1st is for beginners and the 2nd intermediate, which leaves the 3rd for experts. I'm going to do the 1st one for a week or two and then move up. Hopefully I will be doing the 3rd session by November. I'm going to be doing the ab exercises along with some arm work to blast these bat wings lol. I am going for a very toned look to really maximize the benefits of my weight loss. I plan on ringing in the new year being at my goal weight or below and with a flat tummy and toned arms! I'm going to still be doing my cardio like jump rope and such. I want to do a few classes like kickboxing and belly dancing. I will keep you guys posted.

Oh! I finally learned how to hula hoop!! So stoked about that, I will definitely be implementing that in my journey.

Wish me luck and pray for me. I pray for all of you! :)