Sunday, November 7, 2010

Plus Size Survey

If you are plus size, please take this study. Ten questions, takes about 15 minutes. :) Thanks!

Click here to take survey

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paid Survey Site- Rant and Rave

Ok, not every 'paid' survey site is created equal. I HATE Valued Opinions, I am about to opt out today. THey have you fill out the survey like 75% through and then ONE question can mess you up. I spent 20 minutes on a survey that was offering a good reward, and after saying that I hadn't heard of a certain computer program, they said that I didn't qualify for the survey!! I was like, what a rip off! Seriously, VO, pay your people! I should know if I qualify within the first 2 minutes of doing a survey. Such a waste!

On the other hand, there is my favorites- and Opinion Outpost
These offer generous points and their surveys are actually enjoyable! I will tell you that they don't offer that many surveys, but when they do, it's usually worth it. Mysurvey has super short surveys, but it takes a while to accumulate enought points to do something, but I would say the same for OO.

Well, survey sites aren't going to get you rich, but if you have free time they can be fairly lucrative. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Making Money Online with Inbox Dollars

I found this site via a blog, and I came across it again, and I decided to get familiar with it. It's legit, but you have to be careful because some of the offers want you to complete "free trial" offers, which might have you pay after awhile. Other than that, I'm already at about 6 bucks and I just signed up, so it'll be interesting to see what happens..

I will keep you guys posted.

**Product review on Milk Protein and Oil Oil DC coming soon!**

Monday, October 18, 2010

Turkey Sausage and Brown Rice

I took a pic of a really good portioned controled meal I made. Its brown rice, salad with Russian dressing (my mom bought it, ugh), and some Turkey Sausage most likely from Hilshire Farms (go meat!). I took 2 of the 7 servings in the sausage and less than 1 serving of the brown rice. I think the dressing was about a serving or so. I enjoyed this meal and I made it entirely in the microwave, lol, because a lot of times what happens to me is that I wont want to wait to cook something, ergo, eat fast food (the devil! lol- waterboy) The brown rice was the instant kind (not the best, I know, but much better than some other options as a side dish). It was virtually unbearable to eat until I mixed it with the meat. Brown rice and sausage will be a new GO TO meal for me :)

So I will try to keep you guys posted on other meals. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MyLikes! Extra Money

Ok, so many of you may have heard of it, but to those of you who haven't or to those of you who have, but don't know what it is, let meshool you! LOL

Mylikes is a website that allows advertisers to utilize social media, and people like you and me, to promote their products/services.

What you do is sign up (you don't need to pay a dime or register a credit card) and connect your MyLikes with your Twitter and/OR Facebook and/OR Youtube. What you would do after that is click on whatever product or service you actually want to advertise. Then if people click on the link, you get paid anywhere from 5cents to $50.

It's not cheesy looking, like someone hacked your page, because you get to customize how the link looks. I usually try to make sure that I write something that looks like something I would actually write, so people will know it's me.

If you are interested in starting a MyLikes, go here:

Good luck, and if you are really active, you can make a good amount of extra monthly income. :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Poor Dust Covered Blog

Hey!!! I know you guys have missed me!

I am going to try to update my blog and my youtube more often. What happens is, I will think of something to say and then when I get on the computer I will forget to go on my blog, or I'll record a video, but before I can post it, I have to delete it to make room for other pictures.

So anyway, what's new with me? Well, I have still been going to church faithfully. I love my Church!! I have recently let go of my crush there, but I think that is the best decision I have made in awhile. I am kinda sorta talking to this Personal Trainer, but only Lord knows if that will pan out. (I talk about him before, in an ooooold post lol).

I have started my Mary Kay business! I am an Independent Beauty Consultant and so far I really like it. So I will keep you guys posted. If you want to purchase from me, you can do so at :)

I bought a Lace Wig! I like it, but for some reason it is not staying on with my tape. I think I'm going to watch some Youtube videos and go on some hair boards to see what I can find.

I think I want to start MediFast. I have been seeing there ads all over the internet and I think I want to do it, but I wanna do my research because I definitely don't want a fad diet, I want some help in making a lifestyle change. And it's not so much for aesthetics as it is for my health, but I do want to go shopping at BeBe, lol!

That's all I can think of right now, but I will definitely be posting more. I have so much free time, so I should.

Bye bye for now! God Bless!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lotta Body and Bantu Knots

Ok, this bantu knot out, I left hair out in the front because I wanted to straighten it with my CHI. I made more knots because I wanted tighter curls. I do like it, but the thing is I used my personal spritz (drinking water, ahevoo, and glycerin) and Lotta Body before making the knots. I also used my Mango Butter, but I don't remember if I used oil to seal or not, because my hair was kinda wet. I figured it would be completely dry by the time I woke up, but it was kinda damp. :( I was bummed, because I had to put it in a ponytail because only the ends were dry. But, the pony tail was sooo curly and cute! I kinda got a picture of it, but it's a little cut off. Overall, still a cute hairstyle, though I may not be using anything wet when doing my knots or braids, but I really want to know if Lotta Body holds them longer. I will say that my curls lasted for 2 days and then they only went away when I combed them out. So hmm... maybe I'm on to something here... ;)

Bantu Knot Out & New Growth

I really really liked this Bantu Knot Out! I used Mango Butter to moisturized and Ahevoo to seal and then I made 5 parts and made bantu knots. I went to sleep, then took them out in the morning. I got this idea from Traycee's Bantu Knot video. It really does make "less is more" ring true! I love the curls and I hardly did anything to them, besides very light finger combing. You can REALLy see my new growth in the pics, which is why I love bantu knot outs and braidouts because they kinda hide that lol! I will be relaxing most likely this Saturday, but the Mango Butter and the moisturizing and sealing have really helped me manage :)

Braid Out, Combed Out

Braid Out, Combed Out

I did this braid out over night with Mango Butter as my moisturizer and AHEVOO as my sealant. Then, I took it down and combed it out to give it that poofy effect. If I wouldn't have combed it out, it would have been much more curly, rather than poofy, lol. But I looved it. :) Hope you enjoy and sorry about the delay of posts!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Model Pics!

Some of you who know me on Facebook have already seen these, but there are some of you that don't know me on there, so I will go ahead and post them here for you to see. :) Hope you like and gimme feedback!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Partna, Lemme Update You..

Hello there! I know that's it's been quite awhile since you have heard from or seen me lol. I have been off trying to figure out what I want out of life and how to go about getting it. Lemme update u:

Spirituality: I have just recently started to return in my faithfulness to God. I didn't leave Him, but I just wasn't faithful. I was skipping church to work or just hang out and I was being beyond lazy in my Word and prayer time. I felt like was backslididng, which really sucks bc I am trying to live my life a certain way and when you see yourself doing stuff you used to do it's like, DANGIT!, wasn't I doing this crap already? Have I made any progress?? If you are going through anything similar to this, then I would say to PRAY and ask God to deliver you from that to take out all the temptation that is stopping you from your growth and/ or causing you to regress.

Career: I have an internship and I suppose that is a far as my career is at the moment. I have not been as on my grind as I need to be. I haven't been looking for acting and modeling opportunities like I should, but I recently got my professional pictures back, so I will be. Now I have to update my resumes, both my acting and regular, because I do need to find a job to sustain myself while I'm reaching my dreams. ;)

Education: I have blessed to be meeting people that have been able to school me in many different aspects. That is my main education right now. The classes I'm taking at the JC are ok, not too eventful, but they are online, so I forget the deadlines so easily... grrr. But all I can do is pray that I pass my classes, to get all Bs would be more than a blessing to me :)

Love: I really don't know what is up with my love life. I have potential suitors, but I find myself picking them apart and tearing them down to find reasons why it's not going to work. Now don't get me wrong, I am not wrong about everything that I have analyzed. Some of the men that I have met recently will inevitably find themselves out of my life. I want someone that is going to keep me strong in Christ-promote growth and demote regression, support me in my grind- help me to set and reach my goals, show me that I am The One- I can't rely on the verbal because in the end a person can show you way better than they can tell you, and love me- self explanatory I would hope..; and I will in turn, reciprocate all of these things.

Hair: My hair needs to relaxed, but I'm trying to wait until I get to do a serious protein treatment on it. It seems to be ok though. It's not too dry, but my scalp is. It has been itching like crazy and I have been putting oil on it, so I don't know what my issue is... I may need to clarify and do an ACV rinse.

My hair, love, business, student, and spiritual lives. What more is there to speak on...? Welp, since I can't think of anything I guess that's it. I know I didn't go into crazy detail, and that's because y'all are too dang nosy LOL. But I will be coming back soon now that Spring Break is here and I will be posting mre pics of myself.

O! I'll talk about my health and fitness stuff next blog too. :) YAY!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Braid Out :)

I did a braidout today and I made a video corresponding with it, but Idk if I will even put it up. I cowashed my hair with Mane n Tail's Moisturizer Texturizer conditioner. After that I put on Aphogee's Green Tea and Keratin Restructurizer and their Provitamin Leave in. Then I put on my AHEVOO. I sectioned my hair in four and I made sure to thoroughly comb out the sections. Then I braided each section and wrapped my hair with a satin scarf overnight. When I took out the braids I had to comb it out a bit because the sections were so noticeable. But in all, it was a cool little style to rock. I'm getting better at this! :)

Curls Continued

The event was for the San Diego Greater Events magazine. It was like, a wrap party I suppose. It was super nice and there was a fashion show that used our models, which is why I was there. I had a great time! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Curls!

My Bff did my hair in curls and she used my CHI to do it. It was super pretty! I was going to an event with my job, and I will tell you about that later when I post up more pictures, because right now I am too tired lol! I have been up to a lot lately and I have some big decisions to make soon. Don't worry, I will keep you all updated when I get everything together- I won't leave you dangling!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Products I Bought

So I bought some new stuff within the last couple of weeks. I bought the GVP versions of Redken Extreme AntiSnap and Nexxus Humectress conditioner. I also bought Lotta Body setting lotion. I bought the setting lotion because I have a formal event coming up and I wanted my curls to be on point, and we all know that I can't stand the Bronner Bro's foam that I have. Ugh. The other 2 things I bought mainly because I had a $10 gift card for Sally's and they were doing a promotion on their GVP items. I originally wanted to get some of the products I already use (Aphogee, Proclaim, etc), but I figured I can try out some new products this way.

So far, I don't know how I feel about the GVPs. The redken made my hair hard FAST, but they may be because I used to much. I was careful not to put it on my new growth because there is no way it needs that much protein. The Nexxus I used as a moisturizer once and it was ok, but when I used it as a cowash, my hair felt weird. I think this was mainly because I was cowashing after DC baggying for like, 3 days. I believe this may have been just too much moisture for my hair.

So as you can see, I struggle sometimes trying to get the balance right, but that's ok. My hair feels really good and soft right now, so I don't feel like it was a setback. Right now I'm phony pony baggying and I might keep that up until tomorrow. Then I want to do my regimen and DC overnight on Wednesday, because on Thursday I might be using heat. I'll keep you guys updated. :D

(PS- My hooded dryer broke!! That's EXACTLY what I get for not storing it properly...)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Fake Update LOL

Half Wig: La Frisco by Vanessa, Clothes: Old Navy (Belt from Marshalls)

Just a little look, I was at someone else's house, so that is not my closet. I have so much to update you guys on, but you have to be patient! :D I have to give God all the glory and honor for affording me all the opportunities that I have encountered recently. I ask for His divine favor in all my endeavors. Please pray for me and I pray for all those who are reading this as well.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse!

I'm so excited to do this post, because Traycee just did one as well, so I feel like I'm on the right track. :D I actually did one of these because my scalp was itching like crazy. I believe ACV rinses are for clarifying purposes. I remember I used the ACV rinse everyday for about a week straight and my scalp felt soooo good, but I don't know if it's a good idea because of the clarifying power of the rinse. When I use the ACV rinse, I put mainly water (like in the first picture) then I put enough ACV to change the color to a light brown (like in the second picture).

So I used some AHEVOO (Anointed Holy Extra Virgin Olive Oil) over two days as a prepoo (got the idea from Traycee), then I did the ACV rinse, shampoo'd with my Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair, and put on my Pantene Pro V Breakage Defense Mask (whick I have been dc'ing with under my wig for a couple of days now).

Well, today I have an interview at 10a, so it's off to bed I go! Pray for me (Not just to get the job, but more importantly that God's will be done. It's an unpaid internship, so I really need to know if this is what God has for me right now.)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Official 2009 Year End Length Check

This is about 12 days late, I know, but this is my official year end length. This corresponds with the flat iron and trim that my bff did on my Youtube ( , Sorry about the pic, you have to look in the mirror with me to get it to look right LOL. Here are a couple of more pics to enjoy lol. :D

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Planner

I have just about finished getting my planner together. I have stars all over it to remind me to do certain things I need to, especially things pertaining to the Five Star Chick Challenge. I made a video on my planner, and I may put it up later, but this is the main thing that I wanted you all to know. I put the stars to remind me to work out, read my Bible, go to church, eat healthy, post a blog/forum, and/ or do something to my hair like deep conditioning, moisturize/ seal, or no manipulation. When I complete something I put a white reinforment tab on it (the circle sticker that goes on the holes of binder paper, so that the binder rings won't tear it). If I don't do it completely or I do it late, I black it out with a Sharpie. If I don't do it at all I leave it there. So we'll see how long I keep this up, but I have to try to remember to take my planner wherever I go, so I can write down important things.

How's your planner set up to be the most productive to you?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Why am I down?

Listening to "Starting All Over" by Jeremih

I felt really good today. I rang in the New Year with friends and my church family by praising the Lord. I felt very good about this and I saw some of my prayers answered within the hour! God is soooo good! I feel like this year will be filled with blessings! Now, I know blessings come with trials, but I'm claiming by faith that I will make it through my storms and tests quickly and pleasing to God. I'm so excited about what God will do with me this year! Thank you Jesus in advance!

After church we went to go eat at Denny's, and my friend paid for me (Thank you!). I was so happy because I had rang in the New Year by fasting with my church, so believe me when I say I was hungry! LOL My friends and I joked and laughed till it was about bedtime (I'm spending the night over my bff's house) and now I guess I feel... down.

Why? Well, my bff and I were going over some of the things that bothered us with the men in our life, or some of the men that used to be in our lives. I was really thinking about this guy in my church that I like. I felt like I had got a word from God that he was my future husband, but I don't know, I could be wrong.

But the thing is... I don't want to be wrong. I want it to be him. I can't say I know him that well, but I would like to... I see him with this other girl often and I don't know if he likes her or not, but it seems like they flirt though. Actually, I don't know that for sure, but like I said it seems like it. But the question is...

Why do I care this early in the game? We are not talking like that, so I should really chill... but I can't. I really pray that God eases this off my heart and shows me if he really is the one for me. Even still, if he does date this other girl, that doesn't mean that he won't still end up with me one day. I guess I'm being impatient more than anything... That sucks because sometimes we as Christians want things so soon and little do we know we aren't hardly ready for it at the time. So I'm gonna listen to my little love song for tonight and resolve to try and let this thing go. God's time is the best time and His will will be done, whether it be what I wanted or not. Only time will tell.

I love ya.