Friday, May 29, 2009

Thank you Jesus!

I am sooo blessed ya'll and you are too! Man,today I was watching something on A&E and it was talking about how this woman killed 2 of her daughters, and finally the 3rd daughter got out and told on the mom about a decade later. The things this girl talked about were HORRIFIC! The mother had locked them in deep freezers before, shot the oldest girl (which is NOT how she died btw), made them eat their own vomit, made her daughters prostitute, and sooo much more! I was crying at multiple points of this story. I was just thanking God for His multiple blessings in my life. We always complain about so many things in our life, like parents and when people are "mean" or "unfair". Well, I believe the majority of us haven't had any experiences like this, so if your reading this and you are thankful that you have been blessed (even if only relatively), then take a moment to give God some praise!

I pray for blessings for all who read this and please pray for blessings for me. :D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My 1st Braidout Post Relaxer

Okay! Sorry that I have been MIA. I was busy trying to job search and stuff, and just get on my grind. I have soo many things I want to talk about with you all but I am going to start with my braidout that I did after I did my post relaxer treatment. What I did was wash my hair with my Pantene Pro V Relaxed n Natural Moisturizing Shampoo, then I used ORS Replenishing Pak (which I figured was a moisturizer and protein) under my hooded dryer for about 15 minutes, and then I followed up with HE Hello Hydration. Then I put on BB Oil Moisturizer, my scalp oils, and some of that scalp oil to seal. I had four sections with hair bands and then I braided each section. Later (or the next day. I don't remember lol) when I took it out, my hair looked like the 2nd and 3rd photo. Then I pinned up a hump and that's how I got my look from the first pic. Enjoy the flics!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I relaxed!!

Hey you all! I relaxed and these are my FINISHED LOOK pictures. Soooo.. This is what I did (Thank you sooo much Soulie!!):
---Protein treatment (Aphogee 2 min recon) about a week before (You should always dc after protein, but I didn't know! So I ended up....see below)
---Cowash daily until 2 days before relax (paying attention to not bother scalp)
---Put only light products the day of the relax
---Base entire scalp and hairline with vaseline and let sit for about 5-10 mins (I don't remember how long :/)
---Section off hair (about 7 sections). I did it from like the inside (middle) to the hairline, because my middle is soo coarse
---Mix my Revlon Mild Lye Relaxer with AHEVOO (I was using a tinting brush), prayed over my relaxer, and then started applying it. I tried to stay away from my scalp and I had gloves on so I could smooth. I was supposed to smooth last, and I had to keep reminding myself of that. :/
---I kept the relaxer in for about 22 mins, then rinsed with warm water
---I put the Aphogee 2 min recon on for 5 minutes then rinsed with warm water
---I put on my Elasta QP Neutralizing Shampoo for 10 mins UNTOUCHED, then rinsed, then 5 mins UNTOUCHED, then rinsed, then 1 min, then rinsed, then I put it in for the last time and rinsed it right out. This was supposed to be a color indicating neutralizer, but I didn't see any pink.. so I hope it was working.
---Then I used my HE Hello Hydration Shampoo and rinsed
---I used my Aussie 3 min Miracle, put on a shower cap and sat under my Gold n Hot Hooded Dryer for 30 mins, then rinsed
---Finally! I put HE LTR leave in on my ends and then my Bronner Brothers Oil Moisturizer (I mixed Shea Butter oil and Coconut oil in it as well) all over. I put Elasta QP Mango Butter on the edges and brushed them down (I also had Bronner Bros Wrapping Lotion on because I was gonna rollerset)
---I tied my hair down and did my makeup. I just put on black eyeliner, mascara (I use Loreal's Double Extend), and some goldish brown color by Markwins.
A little Vaseline and lipgloss on the lips, take off my scarf, and add my Beverly Johnson ponytail (I am not going to be buying anymore of her products btw! So cheaply made) and I'm off to go! :D
Stay tuned on my youtube or on here to see my follow up treatment. I'm doing that tonight.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hurricane Chris and Hair Updates

First off let me say, Hurricane Chris looks sooo much better than when he came out. I didn't think he was ugly or anything, and I have always been a fan of his music, but I think he has definitely polished himself up and he looks great! I wanted to put a side by side comparison, but I can't find any new pics on him. I'm going to see if I can find a freeze frame of him in his video (She Fine/ Halle Berry). I was so shocked by how radiant he was! I know that's weird to say about a guy, but it's the truth! He looked great and totally dateable (LOL, yea right... that's happening).

So anyway! On to my hair! I have been using the conditioners of Herbal Essence. I have Break's Over, Long Term Relationship, Hello Hydration, Totally Twisted, None of your Frizziness, and Dangerously Straight. So far the HH, BO, and DS are my favs. I will post pics for you in an upcoming blog bc I have been trying to co wash with all of them and snap photos of the air dried look. Some of the conditioners, though, I used as a leave in and I found that the results are more apparent, but I will talk more about this later.. It's not fun without the pics to show you. :(

So, Idk if I told you guys I bought Avocado Oil. Did I? Well, I bought some at Whole Foods and I had used it as a leave in and I DID NOT like it. So I switched some things around and used it in my scalp oil concoction, which right now consists of: a few drops of Anointed Holy EVOO (Just took some EVOO with me to church and they anointed it), a tiny bit of Elasta QP Mango Butter, and Avocado Oil. There may be traces of Kemi Oyl still in there too. Well, so far it's doing good. My scalp and roots are feeling pretty good, which is the point of this LOL. Honestly, the main reason I use the scalp potion I made, is to moisturize my roots, which is why I add a little Mango Butter. Well, bye for now!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Why I LOVE Patti Stanger

I love me some Patti from the Millionaire Matchmaker! I know a lot of people hate on her because she's not married and because she likes to tell some girls to blow out their hair (like hers), but I think that she is awesome! First of all, I believe it's true that those who can't, teach. A lot of psychiatrist are crazy as they come, some marriage counselors are not married. So, I can't see why people fault her for not being married. Plus, she is just a matchmaker, it can take years of dating to know you want to marry someone. Also, she has admitted that the Millionaires are the ones that tell her they want the ladies to have straight hair. So anyway, let me tell you why Patti's awesome:
-She honestly wants people to find love
-She holds people accountable, rich or not rich (lol)
-She tells the truth
-She's funny
-She gives great meeting and dating advice

I've learned soo much from Patti and that's the main reason why I love her to death. I just watched all her Bravo videos and I have to say, this women's great. I want to pick up her book (Become Your Own Matchmaker), along with Steve Harvey's awesome book (Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man). Mmm, love is in the air!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Haven't been feeling well

Ugh, I have not been feeling the best lately. ANd it doesn't help that everyone is talking about that dang swine flu. But I've already claimed in Jesus' name that I don't have that. I've been drinking plenty of liquids like Oj and Aj, but hot tea is by far my fav. It just soothes my throat and adding lemon adds an extra kick to my immune system. I'm not a big tea drinker though, unless I'm sick. The main reason why that is, is because I don't like to have to doctor it all up. Making it sweet and all. There IS  a such thing as too sweet with tea (eww, it taste so gross when it's too sweet!) and I usually overly sweeten it. :/ 

Anyway, I wanted to talk about baggying because I said that I would. Baggying, for those that don't know, is a way to put some extra moisture in your hair. You have put conditioner and oils and put them all over your head and then put a plastic cap on. Or you put some condish and oils (and whatever else you like) in a plastic baggy and put it over the ends of your hair. Your hair should be in a ponytail if you do this. To learn more about baggying, check out these sites:

Thanks to for the pic.