Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My new lace wig!

Body Shaper: Vedette 107

I bought a black, size 36 body shaper from Vedette a little while ago. At first it was very hard to sleep in it, but now it is better. I have noticed that the major difference in comfort depends on if I wear a tank top or camisole underneath the shaper. When I do that, I find that I can endure the shaper for longer periods of time. When I take the shaper off, I do notice that my midsection looks more curved like an hourglass and it doesn't revert for several hours, therefore I believe that this shaper may have long term benefits. I'm excited about my weight loss and fitness journey and I'm taking this shaper (and most likely other ones as I shrink in size) along for the ride! This is me with the shaper on, and even though I do not have a before picture, just know that is is doing it's job. you can also see a video here: