Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weight Loss Tips- SImple and Easy

Here are the tips:
**No late night eating, or eat at least 3 hours before you go to bed. Anytime I give in and eat late, I stay up for another 3 hours
**Drink only, or mainly, water. I shoot for 2 Smart Water bottles (which equals 2 liters)
**Dilute sodas and juices with water, if you drink sodas and juices.
**Drink water after you eat fattening food.
**Drink very cold water
**Exercise. Shoot for doing a little something everyday, but if you can, try to do around 1hr of cardio
**Exercise in the morning before you eat, if you can. If you cannot, at least workout 3 hrs after eating
**I have no strength training tips at the moment. I barely do that, which is bad..
**Believe in yourself
**Set attainable goals
**Be patient
**Limited portions, smaller portions
**Restrict yourself from having some of your favorite foods, you can try a few days or a week or more. I think this really helps prove that you do have will power.
**Weekly weighing. I weigh on Mondays
**Hide the scale! I store mine in my bathroom drawer
**Choose a scale that has a 0.0 reading, so you can tell if you've lost less than a pound
**Be comfortable with your body because that gives you confidence, and confidence looks good!
**No, or very little, fast food. I do much more cooking and home cooked meals
**More fruits and veggies. I like to cut them up in little pieces and put them in containers for snacks.
**Have fruit when you want something sweet. I don't mean an apple lol, like strawberries or melon. Apples= yuck (to me)

Good luck! You can do it :D

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