Monday, October 18, 2010

Turkey Sausage and Brown Rice

I took a pic of a really good portioned controled meal I made. Its brown rice, salad with Russian dressing (my mom bought it, ugh), and some Turkey Sausage most likely from Hilshire Farms (go meat!). I took 2 of the 7 servings in the sausage and less than 1 serving of the brown rice. I think the dressing was about a serving or so. I enjoyed this meal and I made it entirely in the microwave, lol, because a lot of times what happens to me is that I wont want to wait to cook something, ergo, eat fast food (the devil! lol- waterboy) The brown rice was the instant kind (not the best, I know, but much better than some other options as a side dish). It was virtually unbearable to eat until I mixed it with the meat. Brown rice and sausage will be a new GO TO meal for me :)

So I will try to keep you guys posted on other meals. :)

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