Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bantu Knot Out & New Growth

I really really liked this Bantu Knot Out! I used Mango Butter to moisturized and Ahevoo to seal and then I made 5 parts and made bantu knots. I went to sleep, then took them out in the morning. I got this idea from Traycee's Bantu Knot video. It really does make "less is more" ring true! I love the curls and I hardly did anything to them, besides very light finger combing. You can REALLy see my new growth in the pics, which is why I love bantu knot outs and braidouts because they kinda hide that lol! I will be relaxing most likely this Saturday, but the Mango Butter and the moisturizing and sealing have really helped me manage :)

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