Friday, March 26, 2010

Partna, Lemme Update You..

Hello there! I know that's it's been quite awhile since you have heard from or seen me lol. I have been off trying to figure out what I want out of life and how to go about getting it. Lemme update u:

Spirituality: I have just recently started to return in my faithfulness to God. I didn't leave Him, but I just wasn't faithful. I was skipping church to work or just hang out and I was being beyond lazy in my Word and prayer time. I felt like was backslididng, which really sucks bc I am trying to live my life a certain way and when you see yourself doing stuff you used to do it's like, DANGIT!, wasn't I doing this crap already? Have I made any progress?? If you are going through anything similar to this, then I would say to PRAY and ask God to deliver you from that to take out all the temptation that is stopping you from your growth and/ or causing you to regress.

Career: I have an internship and I suppose that is a far as my career is at the moment. I have not been as on my grind as I need to be. I haven't been looking for acting and modeling opportunities like I should, but I recently got my professional pictures back, so I will be. Now I have to update my resumes, both my acting and regular, because I do need to find a job to sustain myself while I'm reaching my dreams. ;)

Education: I have blessed to be meeting people that have been able to school me in many different aspects. That is my main education right now. The classes I'm taking at the JC are ok, not too eventful, but they are online, so I forget the deadlines so easily... grrr. But all I can do is pray that I pass my classes, to get all Bs would be more than a blessing to me :)

Love: I really don't know what is up with my love life. I have potential suitors, but I find myself picking them apart and tearing them down to find reasons why it's not going to work. Now don't get me wrong, I am not wrong about everything that I have analyzed. Some of the men that I have met recently will inevitably find themselves out of my life. I want someone that is going to keep me strong in Christ-promote growth and demote regression, support me in my grind- help me to set and reach my goals, show me that I am The One- I can't rely on the verbal because in the end a person can show you way better than they can tell you, and love me- self explanatory I would hope..; and I will in turn, reciprocate all of these things.

Hair: My hair needs to relaxed, but I'm trying to wait until I get to do a serious protein treatment on it. It seems to be ok though. It's not too dry, but my scalp is. It has been itching like crazy and I have been putting oil on it, so I don't know what my issue is... I may need to clarify and do an ACV rinse.

My hair, love, business, student, and spiritual lives. What more is there to speak on...? Welp, since I can't think of anything I guess that's it. I know I didn't go into crazy detail, and that's because y'all are too dang nosy LOL. But I will be coming back soon now that Spring Break is here and I will be posting mre pics of myself.

O! I'll talk about my health and fitness stuff next blog too. :) YAY!

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n_vizion said...

Sounds like some great commitments. I wish you all the best and creating the life you desire. Thanks for sharing.