Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Products I Bought

So I bought some new stuff within the last couple of weeks. I bought the GVP versions of Redken Extreme AntiSnap and Nexxus Humectress conditioner. I also bought Lotta Body setting lotion. I bought the setting lotion because I have a formal event coming up and I wanted my curls to be on point, and we all know that I can't stand the Bronner Bro's foam that I have. Ugh. The other 2 things I bought mainly because I had a $10 gift card for Sally's and they were doing a promotion on their GVP items. I originally wanted to get some of the products I already use (Aphogee, Proclaim, etc), but I figured I can try out some new products this way.

So far, I don't know how I feel about the GVPs. The redken made my hair hard FAST, but they may be because I used to much. I was careful not to put it on my new growth because there is no way it needs that much protein. The Nexxus I used as a moisturizer once and it was ok, but when I used it as a cowash, my hair felt weird. I think this was mainly because I was cowashing after DC baggying for like, 3 days. I believe this may have been just too much moisture for my hair.

So as you can see, I struggle sometimes trying to get the balance right, but that's ok. My hair feels really good and soft right now, so I don't feel like it was a setback. Right now I'm phony pony baggying and I might keep that up until tomorrow. Then I want to do my regimen and DC overnight on Wednesday, because on Thursday I might be using heat. I'll keep you guys updated. :D

(PS- My hooded dryer broke!! That's EXACTLY what I get for not storing it properly...)

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