Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fennimas Jewelry!

I first heard about Fennimas Jewelry when I was on Monif C.'s site ( The pieces are BOLD, beautiful, and very innovative in my opinion. I was taking a very quick look at their site ( - btw I think this site is new, because I remember looking for their site when I first heard of them and I couldn't find it.), and I mean a VERY QUICK look, because the looks are hot but not necessarily cheap. They have 2 collections that I honestly can't remember right now. Vegas Glam and Jungle Love I think... Anywhoo, I liked the Jungle one and I found this perttty necklace. It's called Alize. So... do you like???


Rachel said...

Hi! My name is Rachel, the designer of Fennimas. I just came across your nice post and wanted to thank you for your kind words! Are you in the NYC area? Lets be FB friends :-) It is true some of the piece can get pricey...they are one of a kind couture and very labor intensive. I do sell lower priced pieces though at traveling trunk shows and different flea markets. I have earrings between $20-$40....I gotta hook you up with a "thank you" pair. Let's be in touch!

Aery said...

Thank u for ur comment! I'm sorry I didn't see it until late. I am sending u an email right now. :D