Friday, June 5, 2009

I liked it!

So, after telling my dad and my brother that I was indeed NOT going to see this movie, I was dragged down there. I saw Star Trek! I was soo ready for a snoozefest. I was wrong! I loooved it and the actors are Kayute to boot!! :D I might go to a convention.. lol.

But anyway, regarding my last post.. I decided to start exercising everyday and I added...(drum roll)..weight training! Shock shock, because I ALWAYS have shied away from those weight machines. I didn't want to bulk up.. however my personal trainer pointed out that if I lost all the weight I wanted to, I would have loose skin if I didn't weight train to build muscle and tone. Uck!! That was all I needed to hear!

Well ya'll pray with/ and for me about this weight loss thing. I really need to do it more for health than vanity. God bless!

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