Friday, May 8, 2009

Why I LOVE Patti Stanger

I love me some Patti from the Millionaire Matchmaker! I know a lot of people hate on her because she's not married and because she likes to tell some girls to blow out their hair (like hers), but I think that she is awesome! First of all, I believe it's true that those who can't, teach. A lot of psychiatrist are crazy as they come, some marriage counselors are not married. So, I can't see why people fault her for not being married. Plus, she is just a matchmaker, it can take years of dating to know you want to marry someone. Also, she has admitted that the Millionaires are the ones that tell her they want the ladies to have straight hair. So anyway, let me tell you why Patti's awesome:
-She honestly wants people to find love
-She holds people accountable, rich or not rich (lol)
-She tells the truth
-She's funny
-She gives great meeting and dating advice

I've learned soo much from Patti and that's the main reason why I love her to death. I just watched all her Bravo videos and I have to say, this women's great. I want to pick up her book (Become Your Own Matchmaker), along with Steve Harvey's awesome book (Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man). Mmm, love is in the air!

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