Friday, May 29, 2009

Thank you Jesus!

I am sooo blessed ya'll and you are too! Man,today I was watching something on A&E and it was talking about how this woman killed 2 of her daughters, and finally the 3rd daughter got out and told on the mom about a decade later. The things this girl talked about were HORRIFIC! The mother had locked them in deep freezers before, shot the oldest girl (which is NOT how she died btw), made them eat their own vomit, made her daughters prostitute, and sooo much more! I was crying at multiple points of this story. I was just thanking God for His multiple blessings in my life. We always complain about so many things in our life, like parents and when people are "mean" or "unfair". Well, I believe the majority of us haven't had any experiences like this, so if your reading this and you are thankful that you have been blessed (even if only relatively), then take a moment to give God some praise!

I pray for blessings for all who read this and please pray for blessings for me. :D

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