Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I relaxed!!

Hey you all! I relaxed and these are my FINISHED LOOK pictures. Soooo.. This is what I did (Thank you sooo much Soulie!!):
---Protein treatment (Aphogee 2 min recon) about a week before (You should always dc after protein, but I didn't know! So I ended up....see below)
---Cowash daily until 2 days before relax (paying attention to not bother scalp)
---Put only light products the day of the relax
---Base entire scalp and hairline with vaseline and let sit for about 5-10 mins (I don't remember how long :/)
---Section off hair (about 7 sections). I did it from like the inside (middle) to the hairline, because my middle is soo coarse
---Mix my Revlon Mild Lye Relaxer with AHEVOO (I was using a tinting brush), prayed over my relaxer, and then started applying it. I tried to stay away from my scalp and I had gloves on so I could smooth. I was supposed to smooth last, and I had to keep reminding myself of that. :/
---I kept the relaxer in for about 22 mins, then rinsed with warm water
---I put the Aphogee 2 min recon on for 5 minutes then rinsed with warm water
---I put on my Elasta QP Neutralizing Shampoo for 10 mins UNTOUCHED, then rinsed, then 5 mins UNTOUCHED, then rinsed, then 1 min, then rinsed, then I put it in for the last time and rinsed it right out. This was supposed to be a color indicating neutralizer, but I didn't see any pink.. so I hope it was working.
---Then I used my HE Hello Hydration Shampoo and rinsed
---I used my Aussie 3 min Miracle, put on a shower cap and sat under my Gold n Hot Hooded Dryer for 30 mins, then rinsed
---Finally! I put HE LTR leave in on my ends and then my Bronner Brothers Oil Moisturizer (I mixed Shea Butter oil and Coconut oil in it as well) all over. I put Elasta QP Mango Butter on the edges and brushed them down (I also had Bronner Bros Wrapping Lotion on because I was gonna rollerset)
---I tied my hair down and did my makeup. I just put on black eyeliner, mascara (I use Loreal's Double Extend), and some goldish brown color by Markwins.
A little Vaseline and lipgloss on the lips, take off my scarf, and add my Beverly Johnson ponytail (I am not going to be buying anymore of her products btw! So cheaply made) and I'm off to go! :D
Stay tuned on my youtube or on here to see my follow up treatment. I'm doing that tonight.

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