Friday, May 1, 2009

Haven't been feeling well

Ugh, I have not been feeling the best lately. ANd it doesn't help that everyone is talking about that dang swine flu. But I've already claimed in Jesus' name that I don't have that. I've been drinking plenty of liquids like Oj and Aj, but hot tea is by far my fav. It just soothes my throat and adding lemon adds an extra kick to my immune system. I'm not a big tea drinker though, unless I'm sick. The main reason why that is, is because I don't like to have to doctor it all up. Making it sweet and all. There IS  a such thing as too sweet with tea (eww, it taste so gross when it's too sweet!) and I usually overly sweeten it. :/ 

Anyway, I wanted to talk about baggying because I said that I would. Baggying, for those that don't know, is a way to put some extra moisture in your hair. You have put conditioner and oils and put them all over your head and then put a plastic cap on. Or you put some condish and oils (and whatever else you like) in a plastic baggy and put it over the ends of your hair. Your hair should be in a ponytail if you do this. To learn more about baggying, check out these sites:

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