Monday, April 27, 2009

Mott's New 100% Juices- Just eat the fruit!

When I first saw these juices, I was really excited, because, let's face it, there just aren't that many 100% juice drinks out there. So I bought the Fruit Medley kind and upon my first sip, I thought that this juice was great! Then I tasted a few more sips and realized that it started to dehydrate me IMMEDIATELY. I have been drinking strictly water and this super sugary drink was definitely doing a number on my mouth. I was so shocked to see that the 14 fl oz drink had a WHOPPING 54g of sugar!! I went home and saw that my brother's Monster Energy Drink had 16 fl oz for the same amount of sugar, and that's most likely because it's an energy drink. A 8 fl oz can of Pepsi has 28g of sugar! Now let's move on to the calories. This drink has 230 calories! I was shocked!!! I can have 2 cans of Pepsi and still not have as much calories as this drink! Now before anyone thinks I don't know anything about anything, this is just purely my opinion here. I know that fruit does have a lot of sugar and I haven't done that much research on how many calories are in fruit, but I honestly don't think these drinks are the way to go. I love the taste, I love the fact that there is no sugar added, and I love the fact that there is 100% juice. I'm not trying to say that this drink is a total bust, I'm just saying that I wouldn't want to drink that much calories and sugar, when I can eat a piece of fruit and down some water. Oh! and check out my resources:


Anonymous said...

I had the same "dehydrated"sensation after drinking "retro" 7Up
in a 60's styled can.It said made with real sugar! The kidney destroying high fructose is the norm so sugar is supposed to be a special treat I guess...
Anyway I had that sensation like you did,and looked at the ingredients (first few sips were good then there was something funky happening)and it stated "natural flavors"which can mean anything.These days senomyx is a nanotech machine in essence that grabs on your tongue and makes you think you are getting something delicious!
Nanotech is so small it doesn't have to be listed.
Think of a "machine"a fraction of the diameter of a hair.
The FDA is being sued now for letting nanotech go in our food and not listing it.
The mad scientists are using aborted fetal cells to do the tasting for these horrific new tasty flavors they sell us.
Along with Pepsico,Motts,and Beechnut have been using (along with many other companies)the new senomyx.
These companies are even serving us wood.
Imagine ground up egg cartons as filler.It's premium wood pulp though.
Only the best for us humans!Too bad we can't digest wood.
Anyway...I agree!
Forget Motts!
I didn't know how to describe the sensation from that 7Up but when you said you started feeling dehydrated immediately
it clicked.
Be careful out there shopping.
The mad scientists are dreaming up new ways to serve us unhealthy garbage.

Aery said...

Thank you for sharing! I had no idea and this is some good info!