Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Leaving in Conditioner

Ever since we were little kids we have all been taught to wash out our shampoos and conditioners. It's true, but what about people that deliberately put conditioner on their hair, knowing they are not going to rinse it out? What do you know! I am now one of those people! I first heard about leaving on conditioner when I was watching a Baggying video on Youtube. (I will speak on Baggying in my next blog.) Now a days, I've been mixing oils like EVOO and Kemi Oyl to my Organix Coconut Milk, Suave Humectant, or my Cabellina horse conditioner, and just putting it in my hair. So far the Organix has performed the best. What I do is:  Spritz my hair with my water/glycerin mix, getting it nice and damp. Then I usually put my scalp concoction on (which at the moment is Mango Butter and different oils) and I massage that into my scalp. Then I put my conditioner on (that already has the oil mixed in), and I put LTR (Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship) and/or carrot oil and/or carrot creme on my ends. Then, when it's a little bit drier, I comb a littler or just gently pull my hair so that it won't be matted, and I put it in a high or low ponytail and I bun up! Now be sure that you don't let conditioner from a co wash sit on your scalp, because that just seems to cause itchiness. You have to make sure that the scalp isn't getting the conditioner, which is why I put my scalp mixture on first. But what doesn't work for me, may work for you, so keep that in mind. I do this usually in the day and at the time, I don't really know for sure if I'll co wash at night. I have done it before and after a co wash, and it seemed fine. I'm sure it'll be a dream before r after a shampoo. So far I only do this like twice a week, and twice a day for those two days. Get it? LOL, well until next time! And I should have a video of me doing this if I don't already. Just go to my Youtube using the link on the left. :D


Sandra natural said...

Unlike many people who could afford to spend thousands of dollars Thank you for introducing me to cheap hair treatment tips

Aery said...

Your welcome and I'm so happy that I was able to help!! Hair care does not have to cost a fortune! :D